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Bringing Old Traditions to New Opportunities

Mission Statement
Business Presentation

Aligned with our client’s vision and mission statement; VCV will deliver the highest value to our customers, suppliers and employees as the preferred consulting company.

Patricia V. Click


(951) 288-7003

VCV is a strategic business consulting company with multi-talented professionals who provide consulting, program development, training and strategic planning.  Our experience and delivery empowers companies to understand, improve, strengthen, and engage customers for sustainable success and continued excellence.


The VCV team combined has over 100 years of experience in the utility industry. We possess vast knowledge and experience in the following areas:


Customer Service, Public Affairs, Community Outreach, Leadership and Business Process Management.

To assist small businesses with the preparations of adequate plans and outlining key components for success.


Consulting services that not only, but usually pay for themselves through increased performance or improved efficiencies.


Whether you need a high level review of your strategies or tactical advise on training solutions, employee engagement, outreach efforts, or leadership development, we can help. 

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