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About Us

At Ventress Click Ventures LLC, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with our comprehensive solutions. Our team of experts specializes in leveraging strategic insights to drive growth and success for small business owners. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to delivering sustainable results. Join us on our journey!





Who We

Ventress Click Ventures, LLC (VCV)

Ventress Click Ventures (VCV) is a management consulting firm specializing in forming strategic alliances and leveraging a diverse team of experienced professionals to deliver exceptional services across various sectors. We excel in providing solutions for municipalities, utilities, non-profits, and education economies, offering credible intelligence and tailored strategies to help our clients achieve their goals with efficiency and precision.

Our approach is comprehensive and client-focused, ensuring each solution is customized to meet the unique needs of the industry and organization we serve. In the realm of municipalities, we assist local governments in optimizing their operations, improving service delivery, and implementing strategic initiatives that enhance community well-being.

VCV is particularly committed to aiding small business owners. We recognize the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and offer a range of services designed to help launch and grow their businesses successfully. Our offerings include comprehensive business planning, training to obtain government certifications, developing detailed capability statements, and educating business owners on essential procurement strategies. These services provide small businesses with a solid foundation and the knowledge needed to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Our skills training programs enhance the professional development of small business owners, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet industry demands and drive organizational success.


At VCV, we believe that aligning business strategies with community needs fosters positive social impact and sustainable growth. We are dedicated to driving substantial, positive changes in the business landscape through our integrated consultancy services.



VCV's mission is to create and implement sustainable solutions that address the business challenges faced by our clients. We specialize in forming strategic alliances and leveraging the diverse expertise of our experienced professionals.  For small business owners, we offer essential support in business planning, obtaining government certifications, developing capability statements, and understanding procurement terminology. 


Our strategic focus on project management, skills training, operational efficiency, and community alignment drives substantial, positive changes. We ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, enhance professional development, streamline operations, and align business strategies with community needs. By integrating these focus areas, VCV significantly enhances the growth and success of our clients, helping them navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities for sustainable development.

Patricia V. Click 


Patricia V. Click retired from a major utility company as the Principal Manager of Accounts Payable, where she annually oversaw billions of dollars in financial transactions. During her impressive 41-year career, she progressed from entry-level roles to senior management positions within Customer Service and Controllers at two major organizations. Her professional journey included diverse responsibilities such as public relations, community outreach, safety, business resiliency, and comprehensive business and community planning.

Patricia's skill set extends beyond her extensive business acumen. She excels in building relationships and upholding the core values of trust and respect. As a micro business owner, she now provides technical assistance and business advice to the small business community. Her commitment to community service is evident through her roles on the board of the Western Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy and The Olive Tree Initiative's "Feed Somebody Program." She also advises the Stop the Violence Increase the Peace Foundation and mentors youth through the Mentoring and Partnership for Youth Development program. Patricia's leadership is further highlighted by her two-term presidency of the Networkers, an SCE affinity group.

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Our Amazing Team

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Executive Program Director

La Cresha Grayson worked in the utility industry for over 15 years. She held positions from entry level to management in the following business units: Customer Service, Transmission Distribution, Transportation Services, Business Process and Integration (BPI), Corporate Communications, Community Outreach and Corporate Safety. In her role she was responsible for creating and executing the safety communication strategy that supported the company’s number one goal of preventing third-party injuries and fatalities from electrical contact. 

Jennetta Harris has over 40 years of experience in the utility industry and has directed and developed strategic programs for customer outreach, public affairs, energy efficiency, event planning and provided safety and leadership development programs. Her community involvement includes leading boards of directors to improve programs in support of youth, women, educational, ministerial, environmental, health and welfare and business improvement in diverse communities in the nonprofit and for profit sectors.

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Principal Advisor

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Business Advisor

Dr. Jorge Chavarin is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Veteran leveraging 24+ years of proven experience in Leadership, Program Management, Operations, Financial Oversight/Analysis, and Training. Adept at leading teams in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Possessed a comprehensive background in leadership development, budget forecasting and management; program audits and compliance. Provided strong leadership, expertise in project management and financial analysis. Career supported by a Doctor of Education, MBA, bachelor’s degree, and leadership certifications.


Business Advisor

Kathy McClure is a Procurement Professional with experience in the education, energy, governmental, transit, and gaming markets.  She has nearly 20 years of experience in the supply chain, both within the industry and serving clients as a consultant. Possesses a proven track record in analyzing, improving, and transforming supply chain processes while delivering sustainable cost savings for her clients in the Professional Services, Transportation, Fuel, Logistics, Information Technology (IT), Public Works, and Construction market segments.


Tiera Click is a life coaching consultant who helps business professionals manage their personal and professional lives. She provides realistic self-care strategies for busy entrepreneurs, enhancing both their business success and quality of life. Tiera focuses on well-being, stress management, and preventing burnout, offering support for those already experiencing it. Her methods include mindfulness, routine building, strength spotting, affirmations, improving sleep, optimism, nutrition, and physical activity. With a solution-focused approach, Tiera enhances executive functioning skills and identifies areas needing recovery. Additionally, her skills strengthen business relationships with other businesses, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.


Business  Advisor

Tech & Administrative Support

Ann ensures the efficient operation of both technical systems and administrative functions within our organization. By providing timely technical assistance and reliable administrative support, she contributes to the overall success of the organization by empowering members to focus on their core responsibilities and achieve their objectives effectively.

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I appreciated that the facilitators took a break in the middle of the presentation to cover questions that came about up to that point and then did a full Q&A  at the conclusion of the presentation. Very informative! Thank you!


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